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Chinese connection

In 1992, Joe Y.C. Ho, a Canadian of Chinese descent, came to know one of the many versions of Rene Caisse's tea. Intrigued by Chinese Medicine and acupuncture since 1972, and involved in studies of nutritional supplements since 1990, Joe was overwhelmed to see the healing effect of the herbal drink on some cancer patients. Ho also observed the benefits of the herbal drink on other degenerative conditions especially when it was used with another Yucca product. After his best friend in Texas, James S.P. Lay, was off all the medications for his hypothyroidism, gout, and hay fever problems by taking the herbal drinks for a week, Ho decided to bring the incredible herbal drinks to Asia where many people were also suffering from cancer and various kinds of degenerative diseases.

In November 1992, the products were introduced in Hong Kong and Taiwan. There were many favourable responses to the remedy including many miraculous cases. In mid 1993, MPS (China) International Limited was formed to start introducing the products into the China market.

After working with thousands of users in Hong Kong and China, Rene Caisse's tea alone or together with the Yucca base herbal tea do not cure cancer. Although China's Ministry of Health has classified the herbal teas as medicine, they do not cure any disease but rather impact on the immune sytem. The healing effect is from our immune system which is the best medicine that our Creator gives us and it has the ability to handle many health conditions if it functions properly.

Rene Caisse was given the opportunity to bring forth a remarkable health solution to mankind. The Chinese had the foresight to enhance it. It is now up to us as individuals to use our own wisdom to determine whether the solution is right for our health.

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Guest Book

November 10, 2000

Dear Madam/Sir:

Let me share with you my own story why I became a Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) practitioner and a cancer/CIDS specialist.

As an alternative health professional, I have been a student of many enlightened teachers mostly from the Orient for the past 20 years searching for a way which can help me and others successfully deal with health problems in the areas of chronic immune dysfunction syndromes.

Disappointed and frustrated with the conventional medical approach (cut, burn and poison) in cancer therapy led me to explore, study and practice time proven alternative medical treatment which helped me realize the rationality of Traditional Chinese medical approach versus the insanity of the conventional medical approach in the area of cancer therapy and psychiatry.

On behalf of our Staff, I invite you to visit us and find out for yourself the truth because for every ailment, there is ALWAYS a cure as proven from cured patients in China and in my TCM holistic clinical practice. See Quantum Natural Health and Freedom Health Recovery.

I welcome you to join my Holisticwebs Newsletter for updates and Cancer/CIDS Support Group. Send any questions you might have by filling in the form below and sending it to me.

Thank you for your time and interest!


Ricardo Serrano, R.Ac.
Registered Acupuncturist,
Master Herbalist,
Pranic Healer,
Melchizedek Method Facilitator,
Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator

 Ricardo Serrano, R.Ac, MH, ADS

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 North Vancouver, BC
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Immune (Wei) Dysfunction Syndromes:
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Hepatitis C, AIDS
Diabetes, Thyroid problem
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Thank you very much!

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