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Cessiac & Yuccalive

These North American native Indian herbal remedies were introduced into China, the herbal kingdom, in 1993. There were several ingredients in the remedies that even the Chinese did not have any information on them. At the requirement of the Ministry of Health of China, numerous tests and studies were conducted by three major hospitals in China. These hospitals included the Beijing Chinese Medicine University East Gate Hospital, the People's Hospital of Gunagdong Province, and the Guangzhou City Cancer Hospital. The tests and studies included medicinal test, toxicity test, immunological test, tumor inhibition test, and a 245 cases clinical study. Import permits were finally granted in 1996 by the Ministry of Health of China for these two herbal formulas to be imported into China as the first ever non-traditional Chinese medicine for a Class A disease. The reports here show the results of the tests and studies done in China. It was based on these results that the effectiveness of these herbal formulas were confirmed and the import permits were granted.

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Cause of Cancer and other Chronic Immune Dysfunction Syndromes

The main cause of cancer and other chronic immune (Wei) dysfunction syndromes is a weakened or suppressed immune system (Wei Qi) due to many causative factors which can be categorized into climatic changes, food factors, emotional factors and hereditary factors.

Climatic Changes and External Factors

According to Chinese medical theory, dampness or humidity weakens the energy of the spleen-pancreas complex aggravating any immuno-suppressed condition. The continuous air pollution, indiscriminate use of artificial chemicals, disrespectful dumping of tons of garbage into our rivers and seas, and the creation of holes in the ozone layer. Burning of forests has increased the CO2 in our atmosphere causing an increase in temperature enough to flood coastal cities and create dryness in productive farmlands, and deplete our supply of vital oxygen.

Another of the external factors is the overuse of medications presently killing more people a year than car accidents. Antibiotics have become a home remedy for anything that looks like an innocent cold, killing friendly bacteria in our gut and allowing yeast overgrowth in increasing numbers. The "pill" once hailed as sexual liberation, has so many side effects (yeast overgrowth one of them) that it is incredible to me that so many women are still taking it. And of course, cortisone, radiation therapy, anti-cancer drugs all suppress the very immune system they are supposed to support!

Food Factors and Changes

We have processed the goodness out of our foods, ingested toxic metals from our cooking methods, increased the fat intake, decreased the dietary fiber with chronic constipation and degenerative diseases as a consequence. But the biggest threat to our health is the enormous intake of sugar and aspartame (Nutrasweet, Sweet 'N Low). There is also consistent evidence of contaminated poultry and injection of antibiotics and hormones into meat. So what does the American public think? Are they just going to eat this meat anyway? I guess they are. But don't try to sell me the idea that we have the best food in the world. Is it not ironic that we have a special "health food" section? What shall we call those other foods? "Unhealthy foods"? You know, we should.


Eastern medicine recognized the relationship between emotions and the damage they do to organs 5,000 years ago. You can easily guess which one damages the immune system (Wei Qi) raising the rate of "wear and tear" within the body. Yes, it is worry, STRESS. Blame whatever you will -- job, spouse, bills, kids, the complexity of life -- stress has become one of America's most common health problems. In every cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other CIDS patient that I have seen in my practice, stress was the ultimate triggering factor, the straw that broke the camel's back. And most often, it is the single cause of relapse. Only very recently has Western medicine begun investigating stress.

Hereditary Factors

Heredity is one of the main means of spreading CIDS. The biggest culprit here is the yeast cell, Candida albicans. Candida is considered the number one aggressor when our immune system is suppressed. With the increased progesterone in the third trimester of pregnancy, CIDS patients with Candida see an aggravation to their condition. Unrecognized (mistake #1) or insufficiently treated by doctors (mistake #2), yeast cells are transmitted to the newborn who may be born with thrush, but more likely will start showing symptoms of ear infections. And since Candida collects fluid in the middle ear, pressing against the ear drum, imitating a bacterial infection, antibiotics are given in repetitive doses (mistake #3), providing the ideal climate to enhance the growth of the yeast cell. It is not uncommon to see 4 year-olds who have been on antibiotics for almost all of their short lives. The rest is a modern classic. These children crave sugar, become hyperactive, receive Ritalin, demonstrate learning disabilities and are labelled problems (Mistakes innumerable). Those children never get a chance! CIDS is NOT a disease of "Yuppies"; it affects children and adolescents in much greater numbers than you suspect.

Knowing that the above factors are the causes of a suppressed system and secondarily lead to an invasion of yeast, viruses, bacteria and parasites, we realize that although the problem cannot be rectified by a single medication (which is only a dream), it can be controlled by a total holistic approach.

Reference: Peak Immunity by Dr. Luc De Schepper, MD, LAc, PhD

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