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Since the Ministry of Health of China recognizes herbs as powerful medicines and the Chinese has an organized set of regulations to control herbal medicines, these two herbal formulas are treated as medicines in China. However, the health regulatory bodies in North America (FDA & Health Canada) have different sets of regulations toward the use of herbs. These formulas then shall not be promoted as "medicines" in North America nor any medical claims shall be made. At the request of the manufacturer, the full name of the products are not revealed here to avoid violation of any regulations. The manufacturer in fact always emphasizes that the products are just powerful tools that can assist us to get rid of the wastes and toxins accumulated in our bodies. Once our internal environments become clean again, our immune systems will function properly as they were designed to and our own healing power will be unlocked.

Note: CESSIAC & YUCCALIVE are registered trademarks of MPS International Marketing Inc., The Chinese Names "Kang Ji" and "Yu Kang" are registered trademarks of the MPS Group in China and Hong Kong and are also being registered in Canada. "Kang Ji" and "Yu Kang" are the official names of the formulas used in the Chinese studies.

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Herbal Formulas

Two time tested and scientifically proven herbal formulas which are excellent for Chronic Immune (Wei) Dysfunction Syndromes (CIDS) diseases recommended and tested by the Ministry of Health of China are Yuccalive (Yu Kang, health's nourishment) and Cessiac (Kang Ji, foundation of health) (taken together). These two western herbal formulas (Essiac from Canadian native Indian healers and were made famous by nurse Rene Caisse) were improved by traditional Chinese medical technology in China and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada under GMP standard (medicine manufacturing).

Combo Pack of Cessiac and Yuccalive in 6-32 oz bottles The combination of these two herbal products has been proven to be the most powerful tools you can get to help restore your health. Both products work together to give a complete cleansing of your body and help to release your healing power within. This is the first step that is necessary of any healing to initiate.

Cessiac formula in 32 oz bottle Cessiac's (Powerful detoxifying and health improving properties. All natural, safe, fast and effective. Your most important tool for unleashing your self-healing power) ingredients are:
  • Sheep Sorrel,
  • Burdock Root,
  • Slippery Elm
  • and Rhubard Root

Yuccalive formula in 32 oz bottle while Yuccalive's (The most powerful tool you can get to help you cleanse the wastes in your intestines gradually without any harm. This will stop the constant contamination of your blood through absorption of toxins from food wastes in your intestines) ingredients are:
  • Yucca Schidigera,
  • Fennel Seed,
  • Anise Seed,
  • Licorice Root,
  • Clove Buds,
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • and Honey.

Please read more info on these two herbal formulas at Rene Caisse's Story Continues in China.

For more info on each individual herb's properties, please read Helpful Herbs.

For every problem, there is always a solution.
For every ailment, there is always a cure.

The North America Indian tribes learned that long time ago. They knew some of the herbs growing on their land had wonderful healing effects on different kinds of illnesses. The Chinese has practiced the herbal medicine for thousands of years. They know how natural herbs can help the body restore its once properly functioning system (Wei Qi). The history of CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE is an exciting story. It was originated from a native Indian shaman (medicine man) who use it for both spiritual balance and body rejuvenation and completed by the Chinese herbologists. It is truly cross cultural and cross geographical limits.

Nurse Rene Caisse introduced the powerful herbal remedy of the Ojibway Indian Tribe into the white society in 1922. During her lifetime she was trying to persuade the government authorities to recognize the healing benefits of this native Indian remedy. Her struggle with the authorities ended with her dying with great despair. Her last wish was to see the benefits of the herbal remedy recognized -- maybe even by other countries. Now, her dream is becoming reality.

Throughout the three years from 1993-1996, this Ojibway formula was extensively tested in China. The formula was greatly enhanced with the Chinese herbal wisdom and expertise. It was also proven that this Chinese improved formula worked magically well with the Yucca formula, another native Indian herbal remedy. All clinical studies in China were conducted by using both herbal formulas together. In remembrance of the late Nurse Rene Caisse, the formula is now called CESSIAC, in which the C in front of ESSIAC represents "Chinese Tested and Improved". The difference between CESSIAC and the original Essiac formula is the three year scientific research backing. More importantly, the combined use with YUCCALIVE brings better results to people who need to improve their health.

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