Home is not just place, or structure, or people. It is a state
of consciousness where one experiences a sense of oneness.

Prophet Mohammed of Islam
Be my witness, O Allah, that I have
conveyed Your message to Your people.


Pan Gu Chrysanthemum Pose
Mother Earth's Lightbody
Galactic Zonalight

It is here that I ask that you maintain within your hearts at all times, the galactic zonalight energy, and keep radiating it out to the universes. See the zonalight like a cocoon over everything and every being and around mother earth. Soon, you shall see a change.

I ask that you maintain your vibration of love and light at the very cellular level... You will be given assistance in aligning yourself with shifting earth energies. I ask that you be vigilant and committed in your daily practice and to be aware that you are the ones who can prevent further earth disasters.

Please remain in quietness and silence for a few minutes everyday. Contemplate on the inner wisdom, and connect with the Christ consciousness and Galactic consciousness grid, which are now merged as one.

Know that you are the ones that will make the difference, just remaining within your own inner space and making the divine connection with all of humanity. -- Sai Baba


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Tao Te Ching

Chapter 69

  1. Everyone in the world says I am great, great
    without parallel.
    Being without parallel is what enables
    If there is a long standing parallel, it
    becomes small.
  2. I always have three treasures:
    First is compassion.
    Second is frugality.
    Third is to not dare act in front of the world.
  3. So compassion enables courage.
    Frugality enables abundance.
    Not daring to act in front of the world enables
    the mechanism to endure.
  4. Today there is courage without compassion.
    There is abundance without frugality.
    There is appearance alone without substance.
    This means no-life.
  5. Through compassion: fight and win; defend
    and be secure.
  6. When the heaven establishes itself, it always
    relies upon compassion.

Purple Lotus

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