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Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

Anhk symbol Unfortunately, the Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique is not suitable for everybody. So one must not be offended if one is not taught the practice after a pre-screening process. This is only because certain applicants may not be healthy enough to withstand the physical, emotional and mental stresses and changes they will be subjected to.


To be initiated into any deeper esoteric training like the Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique, it is necessary to have the following qualities already present in the person for a safe and sequential unfolding:

  1. Character - Briefly, a student undergoing esoteric training must have more or less built a character of which he is mentally, emotionally, and physically integrated and balanced as a personality, and also spiritually awakened.

  2. Physical Health - A student must be a person who is more or less a vegetarian by personal choice; thereby possessed of a refined physical body.

  3. Esoteric Background - A student has been on the path for sometime and is well acquainted with Basic Esoteric Teachings provided by Theosophy or other ancient esoteric schools of thought.

  4. Will to Persist - Treading the Way of the Spirit is not an easy task. The student in search for the truth meets obstacles and difficulties along the way. Many of which could pin the searcher down so hard that at times one gives up the challenge because progress is not apparent. The student's greatest enemy is usually himself - the man of the world. So having developed the will to persist, a harmless, inclusive and selfless character will guarantee his progress and success in achieving his goal.

It must be borne in mind that once taught, the student is not allowed to divulge or share the technique with anyone who is not an approved and recognized member of the group. This technique at the present time is for only a few who are "ready"; for a shift in consciousness and is of no use for the unprepared and may even prove disastrous for them. The student must keep the technique to himself, and practice persistently and regularly in order to test effectiveness and achieve results. The student's efforts will be rewarded one day.

Should you still be interested in applying despite the constraint stated beforehand, please visit My Guestbook or you can download and fill the application form contained herein. Thank you for your interest!

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