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If you order website developing or website hosting or both through Holisticticwebs.com, you will get FREE tech support and additional FREE health consultation from me (registered acupuncturist), FREE access to password protected Advance Qi Meditation Techniques, and FREE subscription to the holisticwebs Newsletter as a bonus. If you are a health practitioner, you can add your website to the Alternative Healing Arts Directory for FREE. When you have your website developed, as a netpreneur(entrepreneur with website) you can add your info in the Netpreneur Club Database FREE for marketing your service or product.

Also, you can download a FREE Access Database software (as long as you don't redistribute it) which you can use at your office to track your customers names and sales. (To use this software, your computer should have Microsoft Access installed).

Together as partners, we'll both make our business ventures successful!

If you are not satisfied with my work as a web developer or 50 MB website hosting with domain registration (for US$99/year), I'll refund your money. I personally guarantee it.

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When I received your order I will e-mail you the necessary info you need to know to have your website developed or hosted for confirmation.

If you can't decide yet to have Holisticwebs.com as your website hosting and/ or website developing company, please click Acceptable Usage Policies for Holisticwebs.com's Terms and Conditions, and Decision Helper to help you decide. It helps you make decision on just about anything. Enjoy!

If you like a FREE copy of Decision Helper (no Holisticwebs.com purchase necessary), send your email address and you will receive an email message to access the web page to download the "Decision Helper" (zip file) to your computer. Danny Goldman has kindly allowed me to send DH to those who request it, as long as you don't redistribute it.

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