"In order to work with the Keys of Enoch, one must be able to go into the fourth dimension.
The fourth dimension is "TIME" beyond conventional time."
¾ Master Enoch

"The 13:20 timing frequency symbolized by the Sacred Mayan Calendar Tzolkin
is the necessary key to ascension and healing."
- Yogi Sharanananda

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I was fortunate to have come across the enlightening work of Dr. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles in my search for theories and meditative practices related to the Sacred Mayan calendar called Tzolkin. After a month of reading and understanding their voluminous work on Tzolkin and the 13-moon calendar from his books The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology, and Time & The Technosphere, The Law of Time in Human Affairs, and their website at http://www.tortuga.com, I have come to the conclusion that their timely work is the missing universal timing frequency technique that I can incorporate within the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love, Shakti Yoga of Manifestation, Sacred Union/Healing Techniques I founded.

Tzolkin and Mother EarthAccording to Dr. Jose Arguelles' 13 Moons in Motion, "The new time of the thirteen moons is the new path of life for creating equality and non-aggression on planet Earth. Once entered into, the new time of the 13-moon calendar synchronizes all humans with themselves and with the planet. Confusion will be eliminated, and forgiveness and liberation may be instantly granted. This liberation is the liberation from fear and ignorance. Why and How?

The 13-moon calendar places everyone in the correct time: now. The 13-moon calendar is without a history. It does not drag a past forward but brings the galactic order into focus, in the now. Now is without a history. The corrrect time is now, and the only enlightenment is now. Any now can be as simple as a breath of air, or as complex and overlaid as a profound meditative reflection.

Now-centered and without a history, the wavespell of the 13-moon calendar is a vehicle of salvation for all of humanity and the planet."

Personaly using the Dreamspell 13-moon calendar daily and practicing the Rinri (Japanese word means "ethical enlightenment") Rainbow Bridge daily meditation together with the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love activation meditation protocol (Sacred Union) have experientially verified Dr. Jose Arguelles' above quotes and other postulates in such a way that I feel like being attuned in the now and synchronized with the cosmic rhythm of the universe. This phenomenon is due to the fact that my being is synchronized with the 13:20 frequency that is derived from the Tzolkin, which they also referred to as the harmonic module, a permutation matrix of 13 x 20 = 260 units. This spiritual "attunement" and healing experience shows that the 13:20 frequency is the actual fourth-dimensional timing frequency and is synchronized with the 13 moon calendar. (See Earth Wizards & Their Method)

The following statements from different authors derived from 13moon.com are worthy of consideration:

  • A 13-Moon Calendar is the logical and natural way to count the 365-day year cycle. Instead of 12 months which are 28, 29, 30, or 31 days long, the year is instead measured into 13 months, each one an even 28 days. 13 moons of 28 days each gives 364 days - plus 1 "day out of time," a day of celebration and forgiveness, to acknowledge the passing year and welcome in the new year.

  • The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar presents the Dreamspell - the interlacing of the 13-moon, 28-day solar/lunar round with the 13-Tone, 20-Tribe galactic round of the Maya.

  • The pattern of women's fertility cycles averages the 28-day, 13 moon ratio! Nature's rhythms live within us!

  • The 12-month calendar is arbitrary and irregular, lacking any correspondence to actual cycles of nature.

  • The 13 Moon Calendar 28 day calendar has been in use for over 5000 years. From the Incan, to the Druidic count, to the Egyptian, to the Essene, to the Mayan, to the Polynesian, the 13 moon calendar has been used throughout pre-history as the harmonic standard.

  • The 28 day month emphasizes the perfection of the 4 X 7 pattern, validating the natural logic of the week cycle. The 4 weeks represent the 4 directions, so that the first week is Red (East) - power of initiation, the 2nd week is White (North) - power of refining, the 3rd week is Blue (West) - power of transforming, and the 4th week is Yellow (South) - power of ripening. Additionally, each day of the week is aligned with one of the 7 chakras (energy centers of the human body) and corresponding "radial plasma" symbols. See the calendar for specifics!

  • Within the 13-Moon calendar, lies a 52-year pattern in which no two days are ever the same. Known as "the moving intersection of time," the energy of every day is a product of a 260-day cycle (known as the Tzolkin) as it perpetually flows through the 365-day 13-moon cycle. Tzolkin, which means "Sacred Count" is also called the Galactic Spin calendar. This round of days is a base harmonic cycle, a numeric common denominator of the orbits of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus, also reflecting the human gestation period of approximately 9 months. 260 is also a fractal of the 26,000 year cycle of Homo Sapien evolution - the cycle of Earth's precession through the equinoxes and our Sun's orbit around the central star of the Pleiades, Alcyone. The 13-Moon calendar reflects the annual human biological rhythm of the woman's 28 day fertility cycles. As we acknowledge the interlocking relationship of these 2 prime cycles, we are bridging the fourth-dimensional energies of Tzolkin into the third-dimensional rhythms of the 13 Moon year. Thus, we are working with a solar-lunar-galactic calendar, consciously connecting the Cosmos to the Earth, as our human receptors complete the circuit.

  • The new year date July 26 is based upon the Dreamspell/prophetic "Chilam Balam" correlation date, for it corresponds to the helical rising of the Dogstar Sirius which occurs annually on July 26. (Helical means rising with the Sun, Helios = sun). Also marking the new year of Thoth's Egyptian Thirteen Moon calendar, this auspicious alignment of Sirius with the Sun assures that Earth is bathed in an abundance of stellar light and information. As the brightest fixed star in the sky, Sirius has long been regarded as a link to a higher dimensional consciousness, one which is helping to quicken and evolve our planet; also associated with the Divine Feminine principle.

  • Some personal benefits of following the 13-Moon calendar are magnified awareness, sense of inner guidance, deepened harmony with the flow of life and the peace of one's own true rhythms, heightened sense of telepathy, increased experience of synchronicity and alignment, participation with a global family of awakening, entrainment of one's bio-magnetic field and electro-chemical circuitry with that of the Earth's and Beyond, conscious connection of our hearts with Nature's hand of balance. As author John Major Jenkins says, "When you track the Tzolkin and follow the 13 X 20 daycount for long enough, observing carefully how it patterns events in your life, you begin to see how seemingly unrelated events - unrelated in space as well as time - are really very closely related."

Lastly, after spending a thorough deliberation of the scientific, biological, sociological, psychospiritual and historical significance of the Sacred Mayan Calendar Tzolkin and the 13-month calendar together with my personal spiritual "nowness" experience by living 13:20 time, I can concur with Dr. Jose Arguelles' hypothesis when he stated: "The Law of Time makes clear that at the root of the world's imbalance is humanity's alienation from nature. This disconnection from nature stems directly from our adherence to a false and artificial man-made frequency of time called the "12:60" : the time of the irregularly numbered calendar (12 uneven months) and the time of the mechanical clock (60 minute hour). The motto of the 12:60 paradigm is "time is money."

If we structure our lives by a system which contradicts the Natural Order, we create a World Order of systematic disharmony.

The instruments of the clock and calendar create an actual frequency of mechanization which is incompatible with the true patterns of nature. This disharmony manifests itself in the world as: greed, fear, sense of separation and isolation, competition, stress, materialism, exploitation, and so on. We experience the effects of living in 12:60 time both as an outer reality of environmental degradation and an inner reality of daily anxiety and a general sense of tension or dis-ease.

The unconcious adherence to mechanized time has sped up our pace of life, leading us on a ride of unprecedented acceleration. Our health and the health of all of Earth's lifeforms implores us to attune to the true rhythms of nature so that we might find our place of harmony and balance. We must re-establish Cosmos (Order) on Earth.

In 1993 I decoded a Mayan prophecy, which said basically that: the human species was operating in error and unless it reverted to natural time and abandoned the artificial time, it would destroy itself by, our favorite date, 2012."

I invite you to participate in this essential calendar change and join the hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who are consciously and naturally living by 13:20 time.

Special thanks to Dr. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, Gary M. Cook and others in the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

In Lak'ech (Mayan for "I am another yourself")
Ricardo B. Serrano, White Overtone Wind

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