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October 27, 2005


Out of a spirit of service and sharing the Pan Gu Shengong philosophy founded by Master Ou Wen Wei, and as a certified Pan Gu Shengong instructor, I would like to share important information on Pan Gu Shengong through this website to benefit those who have been searching for a simple but powerful effective Qigong to learn for healing their chronic diseases.

Human Auric Light BodiesAnother important side effect in practicing this physical and spiritual training Qigong is that it not only heals the practitioner's chronic physical, mental, or emotional health problems but also achieves harmony among Heaven, Earth and Man that transforms a person's spiritual consciousness making it possible to return to oneness and become a divine medium/channel of the love, light and primordial Shen Qi energy of Pan Gu (God Source).

What makes this Qigong do all these miraculous phenomenon possible? Doing regularly the 5 practices of Pan Gu Qigong -- doing Pan Gu Mystical Qigong (PGMQ) daily, studying PGMQ theory, healing others using PGMQ, guiding people to learn PGMQ, and following the "passwords" in being kind and benevolent -- open gradually the communication line between the divine energy source, Pan Gu, directly with the practitioner's acupuncture meridians and collaterals vitalizing and energizing them to the utmost clearing the negative blockages which cause physical health problems and spiritual stagnation.

Sun Moon QigongBasicaly, the PGMQ moving form is simply a series of hand circling motions while standing (can also be done sitting down or lying down), capturing the energy of the sun in the first set of hand circling, the energy of the moon in the second set, and a combination of the sun and moon energies in the third set of hand circling motions followed by three sets of arm stretches for opening and embracing the universe with its animating Qi energy, and then a holding the chrysanthemum cupped palms posture. At the beginning and at the end of the moving form, the following mantra or passwords are said aloud or silently while in the receiving Qi posture:

Take kindness and benevolence as basis
Take frankness and friendliness to heart
Speak with reason; treat with courtesy
Act with emotion; accomplish result.

The above first two phrases are an important component of Pan Gu Shengong because the greater the love, the higher the Qi level and ability received. So long as the people who exercise this Qigong form are willing to conduct themselves according to the principle of behaving, and the key philosophy of the "passwords," they can obtain all skills of curing disease, strengthening body, developing wisdom, and being peaceful and harmonius. According to Master Ou's book The Path of Life: the Future Human World, "The two phrases about the purpose of life "Take kindness and benevolence as basis, Take frankness and friendliness to heart" mean that benevolence is the basis of love, love is the embodiment of benevolence. Benevolence is for love, love is for a happier life! The reason that life in the future world will be perfect is that all people in the future will possess real, pure, and sincere love."

A practitioner should apply the passwords as the key to the mode of the exercise practice and the principle of conducting oneself in our society, to guide his/her life, examine the words spoken and restrain oneself to benefit others. "Absorbing qi to nourish the body, tempering the mind to cultivate the root," and persisting in exercising the Qigong, can we reap a good effect. The saying that "those who submit to the Heaven will prosper, those who resist the Heaven shall perish," tells the very argument of it. (See Gist of PGMQ)

Lastly, as an eclectic Qigong practitioner of various styles for over 25 years, I would like to encourage you to learn this simple but powerful Qigong which I consider the "cream of the crop" of all the Qigong forms which combine both Qi-healing and moving form (see details in Special Features) with visualizations done for 15-20 minutes daily to heal not only your soul and body, but others as well.

I would like to dedicate this work to Pan Gu, the creator of the universe, and thank and acknowledge my Pan Gu Shengong teacher Master Ou Wen Wei, the originator of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong for his dedication to help humanity's struggle for healing and spiritual oneness.

I would also like to thank Olivia Ou, daughter of Master Ou and administrator of Pan Gu Shengong International Research Institute, Robert Anderson, Vincent Chu, Michael Udel, Rod Taylor and the other PGSG instructors around the world for their work and dedication.

May the spirit of Pan Gu smile within the inner hearts of the visitors of this website!

In the One Heart of the One Love,

Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.
Registered Acupuncturist
Certified PGSG instructor

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