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Take kindness and benevolence as basis, Take frankness and friendliness to heart


"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you."
-- Matthew 6:33


My Home & Family of Pan Gu Qigong Practitioners

Love is the motive power, love is happiness... My beloved parents, you are the sun and moon in my heart! -- Master Ou


Master Ou Wen Wei and Ricardo B. Serrano
July 22, 2006 Moving Form/ Qi-healing Workshop, Nelson, B.C.
Ricardo Serrano and Master Ou Wen Wei
July 24, 2006 Advanced Form workshop at Vancouver, B.C.

Mandy Ou, Master Ou Wen Wei, Ricardo Serrano and Jessica Lin
July 22, 2006 Pan Gu Moving Form and Qi-healing Workshop at Nelson, B.C.


Below is my poem (or prayer) to show my appreciation to Pan Gu (Almighty God) for granting us
Pan Gu Shengong, Primordial Wuji Qigong, and Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong Qigong forms:

In the One Heart of the One Love
In the One Heart of the One Love
by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.

O Supreme Being known by many names
Elohim, Adonai, Primal Mother, Godhead,
Hunab Ku, Origin, Adam Kadmon, Allah
Aum Bhoor Bhuvaha, Tao, Pan Gu, Love

At the center of all sacred space called
wuji, void, supreme unknown, the primordial

Humanity open their hearts to Your unending
unconditional love, and healing yuan qi from
Heaven and Earth

And humanity thank You for granting the
Qigong forms to create harmony among
Heaven, Earth and Humanity
and return to

In the One Heart of the One Love


Neda at the PatioRicardo at the Patio

Deep CoveEnglish Bay Flowers

Neda outside condoNeda taken at Deep Cove

Ricardo and son Raymond at Lighthouse ParkNeda and daughter Anne

***Pictures taken last summer and fall of 2005 at North Vancouver and West Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Quotations on Love and Parents from Master Ou's The Path of Life's chapters "The Happiest and Purest Life is One of Love" and "The Radiance of the First Day of the New Year":

In my heart I whispered, "Love is the motive power, love is happiness. Even though there is sometimes hidden bitterness, it is still a thing of beauty and enjoyment. Human beings, how can they be without love?"

"Well said! Love is really life's principal tune. Should there be no love, life would wholly lose its value ... Love, however, assumes varied forms. The most thrilling love is that between husbands and wives; then there is the respect and love shown to the aged, and their loving care for the young; and finally love for the whole mankind. These three kinds of love have their own levels and overlap. Sometimes one kind of love will become the most important, at other times other kinds of love will occupy that position. In short, all is for the sake of love and for making love last forever; sexual relationships based on love are the best method for maintaining the essential relations of the cosmos in the human world and ensuring their existence forever.

"Do you still remember those two phrases about the purpose of life I told you before?"

"Of course I do!" I blurted out: "'Take kindness and benevolence as basis; take frankness and friendliness to heart.'"

"Correct. Benevolence is the basis of love, love is the embodiment of benevolence. Benevolence is for love, love is for a happier life! The reason that life in the future world will be perfect is that all people in the future will possess real, pure, and sincere love."

My beloved parents, you are the sun and moon in my heart!

"Yes, whoever would not compare their respected parents to the sun and moon in the sky? Without parents' breeding, no one could have a body and soul; without a body and soul, how could one have life, work, enjoyment? Therefore it can definitely be said that Emperor Pan Gu and Empress Chrysanthemum are the sun and the moon of the entire human world, whereas for each individual one's own parents fully deserve the title, 'Sun and Moon of My Heart'."

I replied to my guide's explanation with some emotion: "I wish that present-day people would compare their parents to the sun and moon!"

Sun and Moon in my Heart
Heart fractal waveform expansion


Necessity of Qigong in Health, Sports & Enlightenment

While Qigong and Chinese tonic herbs are used generally for maintaining health and curing diseases caused by Shen, Qi and Jing deficiency, and obstruction of the physiological function in the organs of the body, most people are not aware of the necessity of Qigong in sports and enlightenment.

AthleteImportant Note for those who Exercise a lot: Nowadays, external appearance is very important to many people. They believe that as long as one looks good, one is healthy. As long as one is moving, one is exercising. These are fallacies. We know that external appearance does not indicate what is inside. The same is true in exercise and sport. There is a common phenomenon we observe everyday where professional athletes often do not have long careers when compared to average people. This is especially true when the sports they play are very physically demanding. Many athletes have a career that lasts an average of 10 to 15 years and then they are forced to retire due to health problems. Many of these retired athletes come down with immune related diseases when they are in their middle age. Recently, there are few top athletes who die of heart complication which is the result of high physical and emotional demands they experience in sports competition. The main reason for this tragedy is that they use up a lot of energy known as "life force" or "qi" in traditional Chinese medicine theory to maintain the physiologic organ functions, and they do not supplement enough energy through Qigong during their careers.

Caduceus symbolEven more so for those who seek whole body enlightenment -- where the whole body chakras of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle lightbodies are activated or enlightened experienced as overwhelming love, joy, bliss and happiness, as opposed to head enlightenment popularly promoted nowadays by western and other yoga meditation teachers -- Qigong is a necessity and a must for safety reasons. There are many unreported cases of post kundalini syndrome such as spaciness in the head, psychosis, headaches or heart complication as a result of kundalini awakening which can be prevented through a proper understanding and application of Qigong under a certified Pan Gu Shengong instructor who is knowledgeable in these subjects.

For those who are interested to learn more regarding the necessity of qigong in health, sports and enlightenment, my Pan Gu Shengong ebook has explained these topics thoroughly.

Your Hands Can Heal and Enlighten You!


Speak with reason; Treat with courtesy, Act with emotion; Accomplish result

Sun Moon Qigong

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"There are many rivers leading to the ocean but why take the river
when you can go straight to the OCEAN."
-- Ou Wen Wei
Pan Gu Shengong by Ricardo B. Serrano
"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light."
-- Matthew 6:22

Let Love Light Your Path, Truth Guide Your Way
and Joy Sing From Your Soul
. -- Sananda

Warning: The exercises in the Pan Gu Shengong ebook may lead to overwhelming love, joy & happiness

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