Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 Highlights

We can install Microsoft FrontPage server extensions for your account. This allows you to use Microsoft FrontPage to create and maintain your Web site. You may request that FrontPage extensions be installed within your Web site when placing your order, or you may request them at a later date by contacting our support department.

  • FrontPage support for all of our web hosting packages at no additional cost.
  • Full support for the latest FrontPage Server Extensions
  • FrontPage's Components allows implementation of form processing, discussion groups, and dynamically created pages without knowledge of HTML syntax or CGI Scripts.
  • One-button publishing eliminates the need for FTP
  • Dynamic HTML, Java® & ActiveX® support
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office makes users productive from the very start.
  • Intuitive, leading-edge features help users create professional Web sites
  • FrontPage features an outstanding graphics editor, a desktop Web server, and complete publishing facilities.
  • To learn more, visit the Microsoft® FrontPage® web site.

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