"As a noospheric chip, the human is a fractal reflector
of the 13:20 timing frequency."
- Dr. Jose Arguelles

Tzolkin, 13:20 Harmonic Module



I have constructed this website to offer my Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love practitioners and anyone the important tools to become masters of Time and galactic travel -- Earth Wizards "Homo Noosphericus", and especially for those people who have chronic diseases and are in need of healing. As a lifetime holistic healing/ascension researcher, meditation facilitator and traditional Chinese medical practitioner at Quantum Natural Health, I find that Dr. Jose Arguelles' visionary lifetime work on the Law of Time, the Sacred Mayan Code (Tzolkin), and the 13 moon calendar deserve to be shared and promoted for two simple reasons, they work and are universally true. I would like to offer my special thanks to Dr. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, the Grand Masters of the Earth Wizards, and to Lord Pacal Votan, the Earth Wizard's Overseer and Guide.

"Who are the Earth Wizards? Why are they called Masters of Time and Galactic travelers? Doesn't it sound too good to be true? Me becoming an earth wizard?" you asked.

According to Dr. Jose Arguelles book The Mayan Factor, The (Earth Wizards) AH KINES, "Servant-Warriors of the Sun," are those humans who fully realize the dream light body within the physical body and -- understanding the circuitry of the human organism -- use the light body to navigate the electromagnetic waters which we call the universe. Through attunement of their sensory radar and skilled use of the Kuxan Suum, the "galactic umbilical cord" that emerges from the solar plexus, the AH KINES, the realized ones of the past and present, are able to become star-mediums, channeling galactic information directly into the terrestial ocean floor of the great electromagnetic sea. In this way, they hop Zuvuyas (thirteenth or highest heaven) and keep the sacred count. Possessing the same circuitry, we may do the same as the fabled AH KINES. Each one of us, returned to post-historic simplicity, may directly channel the alternating currents of the galaxy to suit our situation. See Sacred Text by the Maya Mysteries School

To say that we are knocking on the doors of magic is only to acknowledge our own lack of belief in what we are actually capable of through our own instrumentation, the sensory body. What has been demonstrated by shamans and wizards, yogis and spiritual masters, is -- after all -- everyone's evolutionary birthright. (See Dreamspell and Galactic Federation)

"Who is Pacal Votan?" you wondered.

Pacal Votan is the Mayan Prophet (A.D. 603-683), chief technician of Mayan synchronic time science and eleventh ruler of the dynasty of Palenque (Nah Chan), Chiapas, Mexico. He is best known for the carved sarcophagus lid of his elaborately concealed tomb discovered in 1952, 1,260 years after its dedication in A.D. 692, which was also 1,320 years before the closing of the cycle, 2012. The Telektonon (The Talking Stone of Prophecy) of Pacal Votan was revealed (channeled) to Dr. Jose Arguelles on July 26, 1993 prophesying the Thirteen Moon/28-Day calendar as the only means to keep the human race from destroying the biosphere and itself.

"How can a calendar change affect the human race from destroying the biosphere and itself?"

According to Dr. Jose Arguelles' Time & Technosphere, A calendar is a mental instrument for holding the programmed patterns of thought and behavior of a given culture, people, or civilization. A people can rise no higher than the program of time their culture imposes on them as second nature. A program of time determines nature of consciousness. Different timing programs scheduled by synchronically inaccurate devices within a biospheric whole governed by a universal timing frequency apart from the deviant human standards can only result in an entropic black hole of consciousness: the clash of civilizations and cultures that precedes the mentally cleansing force of the noosphere and the inevitable return to natural time and the universal 13:20 timing frequency.

According to the Law of Time, what you don't know about the calendar you are using could kill you. By operating according to purely third-dimensional chrono-astronomical timing standards and without knowledge of the synchronic order of fourth-dimensional time, humanity subjects itself to a one-sided view of reality that is hazardous to the planet and jeopardizes the future existence of the human species as well as all life on Earth.

The Gregorian calendar keeps the human mind entrained in a diabolical disorder of meaninglessly named months of uneven measure, while everyday is tracked and driven by a relentless mechanism called a clock. This immersion of the mind of historical man in the frequency of his own artificial time, more than any factor, condemns him to a world of inescapable horrors: traffic jams, poverty, terrorism, unresolved historical and territorial disputes, global warming, environmental degradation, social disorder, insanity, and drug abuse. The problem of historial man -- Homo historicus -- is compounded by the unconscious nature of his acceptance to this timing sensibility, believing it to be the actual nature of time. Hence, all his public and economic policies are driven by and determined by the relentlessness of this perception that time is an arrow blindly pulling him into a future in which his only defense is the creation of more technology, the technosphere itself being a pure expression of the application of the mechanization of time.

To correct the situation a radical solution is required -- a new calendar embedded in the synchronic order revealed by the discovery of the Law of Time. This is the significance of the Thirteen Moon/28-Day calendar -- it epitomizes the incorporation of the chromo-astronomical order of time into the synchronic order, and hence provides the vehicle for humanity to escape its otherwise certain plunge into disaster within the next decade. When a dogma is encountered while one is engaged in the pursuit of truth, it must be challenged and abolished. Such a dogma is the calendar in use as the world standard, the Gregorian calendar. That this calendar, originally a system of thought peculiar to one people or religion, should dominate all the peoples and even life of the planet makes it subject to the critique of planetary anthropology.

"Why are the tools also used for healing diseases since you mentioned it?"

As a registered acupuncturist and pranic healer, I know for certain that the main cause of diseases is being out of harmony or not synchronized with nature's 13:20 timing frequency which leads to blockages in the circuitry of the light body's meridian and chakra system. Health is restored by doing the Rinri meditation and using the Dreamspell calendar daily which synchronize the body's electromagnetic field with the universal 13:20 timing frequency as a result. I concur with Dr. Jose Arguelles when he stated in his book The Mayan Factor, We can assert that the diseases and plagues which ail us - cancer and AIDS - are not cellular in cause but instead are the direct result of radical blockages in our collective bio-electromagnetic field. These blockages are the immediate result of immersion in and addiction to various feedback effects of our deleterious technological environment. The cure to these Late Industrial Age diseases, therefore, is not to be found in chemicals or radioactive treatment, but in a radical shift in disposition accompanied by the development of a genuine bio-electromagnetic medicine that accounts for the power of the mind, the reality of the light body, and the natural, organic restoration of intrinsic, resonance as key factors in healing. (See Time, 13-Moon Calendar and Liberation)

For more information on the Law of Time, Telektonon, Dreamspell, Tzolkin, 13 moon calendar, rinri meditation, etc., please refer to the Tools and Links and References. Also read Why Start a PAN Node?, Day Out of Time and Imagine by John Lennon.

May this small contribution of mine further the cause of Dr. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles' vision and peace movement to change the artifical Gregorian calendar into the natural 13-moon calendar for world peace, ascension, healing, and enlightenment.

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Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E ma Ho!

In Lak'ech ("I am another yourself")

Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.
Registered Acupuncturist

White Overtone Wind
Saturday, Planetary 28

Harmonic 17: Electric Store
Remember Elegance of Service

Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star
I Activate in order to Beautify
Bonding Art
I seal the Store of Elegance
With the Electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Free Will
Great Wheel, Mandala of Pacal VotanSupernova 1987a

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