"Merkabah Meditation accesses the Unified Field of Cosmic Consciousness Through Galactic Timing of the Universe." ¾ Master Thoth

Earth Wizard

What is an Earth Wizard?

An Earth Wizard is a being who is willing to sacrifice and transform his or her self into an instrument whose talents and capacities have been shaped by the Law of Time on behalf of the betterment of the whole Earth.

The Earth Wizard is the new human ideal. Anyone can be an Earth Wizard.

Lord Pacal Votan, Earth Wizard's Overseer
Lord Pacal Votan, Earth Wizard's Overseer and Guide
In Lak'ech ("I am another yourself")

Lord Pacal Votan

A Prayer and a Vision
by Pacal Votan

O Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and Measure, be kind to the children of this Earth. We see how every year you give and how every year you take away. This is so the children of Earth can learn to be free and dwell only in your presence. Yet we know that the children of the Earth must undergo their lessons as well. And we know that they must enter the dark time of testing. O Hunab Ku, in their time of darkness, in their time of forgetting, do not forget them, spare those who are good, if you can. Prepare for them the Second Creation you have promised to the righteous among them. Break for them the spell of false time before they destroy this Earth! And show to them the splendors of the Second Creation, of the New Heaven and the New Earth. Show them these wonders before the Great Cycle is finished, so that they may yet wake up from the sleep of time. And O Hunab Ku, may the nine great Lords of Time return to Earth! May they teach the children of the Earth how to become a race of wizards, tilling the noosphere as they have tilled the Earth. O bring to these children of the Earth a good Time, a Time of Peace as long, at least, as was their time of history and war, and then let that Time of Peace be multiplied sevenfold!

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