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Qi-Healers Without Borders
Qigong Healing Method
Qigong Healer Ricardo B.Serrano, R.Ac.
Enlightenment Qigong Forms
Vancouver Qigong Mastery
You Hold the Keys to Healing
Integral Studies of Inner Sciences HomePage

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                   "If Click to read the Memorandum from God ... to You build it, they will come"


What is the

The is a company of programmer/analysts, webmasters and social media managers who are programming/analysis diploma graduates from CDI College and other accredited colleges.

What are the objectives and services of the

1. To develop, market and affordably host web sites which are secure, interactive and dynamic by using FrontPage 2000, Red Hat Linux Apache/SSL Server, CGI Scripts, JavaScripts, Java applets, ASP, DHTML, PHP-MySQL, and database management web applications.

2. To cater to the holistic web site, office application programming Adobe Acrobat 5 (desktop publishing) and Book publishing needs of the traditional and complementary health practitioners and other small business entrepreneurs where they can join the Netpreneur Club Database for referral and link communication among netpreneurs (entrepreneurs with websites).

3. To make YOUR web site SELL by applying a Top and Proven How-to-Sell Site on the Web System from MYSS book and Site-Sell! ezine.

4. To promote the status of the alternative medical profession through web hosting credible alternative healers, listing credible alternative health service providers, and awarding the Best Co-Creator's Website and Book Award to those well-deserved websites and books.

5. To foster and encourage alternative medical education and Open Source Red Hat Linux Operating System and NT Web Hosting application through the internet.

6. To promote the status of credible programmer analysts/ webmasters through listing them in the Webmasters Referral List.


Our Prayers Go Out to All
in These Times of Challenge and Change

Do you want to be a part of an effective solution to the drug addiction problem in the Lower Mainland?

Supporting for your website developing, hosting and marketing needs, Mastery Books will enable funding for a much needed public Acupuncture Detox Treatment and Drug Education and Counselling Clinic in North Vancouver and other areas of West Vancouver.

Thank you for your support and caring!

"Without Love, All Else will Fail!"

Ricardo Serrano, R.Ac, MH, ADS
Registered Acupuncturist
Solution Focused Addictions Counsellor
Certified Sheng Zhen Qigong Teacher
Author of Amazon Best Seller Books

Thank you for your support!

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Sagacom Productions by Rick S. Sagayadan

Sagacom Productions by Rick S. Sagayadan

Sagacom Productions by Rick S. Sagayadan


Interview with Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. Bestseller Books at You Hold the Keys to Healing Videos & Books


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